Corporate Development and Strategy


The Research Area "Managerial and Organizational Economics", MOE, is responsible for the Specialization "Corporate Development and Strategy", CDS. The corresponding teaching program has a very broad range of content. It confers the knowledge that is required to understand—from an economics perspective—the way in which different areas of a firm function, as well as competition, markets, and economic framework conditions. This particular Specialization is, on the one hand, appropriate for students who wish to focus on individual corporate aspects, such as financing, corporate development, human resources, competition, management accounting, internationalization, or macroeconomic framework conditions. However, it also provides the opportunity for students to acquire a broad insight into the internal and external problem areas that affect firms and to be able to make their own strategic corporate decisions and to take on leading managerial roles.


Specialization CDS


How relevant is CDS for students of business administration?

It is very relevant for them. Within the framework of this particular Specialization, students gain insights into the fundamental aspects of corporate development, strategic management, and the analysis and evaluation of the market environment of a firm. A very good knowledge of the structures and processes inside a firm as well as of a firm’s competitive positioning is decisive for any successful corporate strategy.

What exactly are the contents of the specialization CDS?

In the individual modules of this Specialization, important questions with regard to management accountancy, financing, organizational design, competition, human resources, internationalization and macroeconomic factors are addressed. Students will also become aware of the interactions between all of them.

What opportunities present themselves to graduates who have chosen the specialization CDS?

Depending on the exact composition of the Specialization, not only job openings in management accountancy, human resources, or finance management are feasible, but also professions such as analysts in banks, associations, or governmental departments. Graduates are qualified for cross-divisional positions in general management or for career entry into management consultancy services. And of course, on account of the methodological and technical foundations of this Specialization, an academic career is also open to graduates.