Career Openings with Master Corporate Development & Strategy


The different tracks of this Specialization enable diverse career openings for graduates:

Human Resources and Organization:
Students learn how to analyze the relevant challenges of human resource management
and organizational design and how to derive appropriate decisions to deal with them.
Students engage intensively with their managerial role—which includes the motivating and
developing of staff as well as the aligning of organizational design with strategy. This specific
track offers diverse career opportunities in the areas of human resource management
or organizational development.

Management Accounting and Financing:
The courses of this track enable students to record, examine, and plan the financial
consequences of corporate actions and to make sound economic decisions relating to
them. The methodological foundation of this track ensures that students are equipped to
measure individual performance, economic success at the corporate level, as well as the
coordination of corporate processes. All of these competencies make graduates highly
equipped to take up positions in the managerial accounting and finance sectors. These
competencies are also essential for executive positions.

Strategy, Competition and Internationalization:
Among other things, students who select this track engage with the strategic positioning
of companies in local and international market environments as well as with the interactions
which arise from the individual and the corporate decisions within these environments.
Potential careers might be in the banking sector as analysts, with international
companies, with consultancy firms, with NGOs, with associations, or with government

General Management:
As an alternative to a specific track of this Specialization, students might choose to focus
on their own personal preferences in order to compile their individual profile or they might
take a broader, more diversified approach. These students acquire knowledge of the internal
and external problem areas of firms and they are able to arrive at and make strategic
decisions that affect the whole firm. They are also in a position to take on a broad range of
managerial and executive tasks and are thus qualified for cross-functional roles.

The Corporate Development and Strategy Specialization delivers the technical and methodological
foundations for a career in academia. Graduates with very good grades have
the opportunity to become employed by the various chairs of the MOE Research Area as
academic members of staff and to embark on their own research activities.