Research Interests MOE


How companies can operate successfully in the market is one of the central issues in our field. However, the rules of business have changed in the wake of globalization and technological advances, so companies and markets should be analyzed less isolated than ever before.

At the same time, business and economic aspects play an important role, which makes interdisciplinary action indispensable. In this research field, chairs of business administration and economics work together on issues such as corporate governance, the design of organizations and the impact of internationalization strategies on the company's success.

Other key research areas include the analysis of incentive contracts and the motivation, control and leadership of employees in organizations. In the investigation, operational processes are optimally combined with appropriate business management instruments, for which cooperation with engineers has already proven to be effective.

Much of the research is empirical, based on field or experimental data, so that business administrators and engineers can derive interesting implications for business practice. By providing new theoretical results through careful economic analysis and an evidence-based approach, we create a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of organizations in different environments. The ultimate goal is the formulation of recommendations for action to increase the company's success.